Why We’re Proud To Be Based In York

Some of you reading this may know that this something I’m very proud of. I’ve spent about 7 years in York and it has become somewhere incredibly important to me. So I thought I’d share why I’m proud to set up my company here.

The Yorkminster on a sunny day

The History

York has been a part of British history. From the Romans who occupied it, the Vikings who made it their capital, and its place in the industrial revolution. Everywhere you turn in the city there is a story to tell or a link to the past. It is also the city that saw me change my career trajectory. By tying my company’s roots to it, I will always be reminded of it.

York is fantastic to look at

York has some of the oldest structures in the country (some date back to the Vikings). The city walls and Yorkminster Cathedral on a summer’s day is truly a sight to behold. Also the countryside surrounding the city isn’t to be scoffed at either. It’s there where if I’m having trouble formulating my thoughts for a campaign or a design aspect I can go and walk and let my mind clear.

Where it’s positioned

York is right in the middle between London and Edinburgh, it’s 2 hours by car to Manchester and 30 minutes to Leeds by car. This makes it the perfect place to have as a base to go to other places in the country. It is also a hub for advertising, web development and technology.

A tree at sunset in a field on the outskirts of York

The People

We British people have a habit of being stern and having the stiff upper lip. While that may be true in York ( and Yorkshire as a whole) I have never met warmer or kinder people (well maybe Scotland, but then I’m biased). They always have a smile on their face, refer to you as love or pet even if they don’t know you. In a very short amount of time some of the people here have become like family to me which again will forever link me to this fantastic city.

Those are just some of the reasons why I’m proud to base my company in York. If you want more articles like this one then why don’t you check out our Blog page? We publish articles every week so it’s worthwhile following us on Facebook or checking back in with us regularly.



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